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Jiva Ayurveda( clinic for chronic disorders)

Love plants
Herbs are used as libido enhancers, fertility agents and aphrodisiacs for generations. Some of herbal drugs r mention here:
AMALAKA(emblica officinalis):Powder of amalaka impregnated with the juice of amalaka itself mixed with sugar, honey and ghee and should be taken followed by intake of milk, by this, even the old is stimulated like youngl.
2.GOKSURA(tribulus terrestris) this powder taken with milk at night acts as a good aphrodisiac.
3 KAPIKACCHU( mucuna pruriens)
wheat flour is minxed with the powder of kapikacchu seeds and cooked with milk , then it is mixed with hgee and eaten followed by the intake of milk
3MUSALI( asaragus adsecendens) Powder of musali root combined with guduci satva , kapikacchu gokusura sarkara and amalka and suspened in milk added with ghee should be taken , it arouses sexual urge.
4SATAVARI( aspargus racemosus) powder of satavari and uccata mixed with sugar should be tsaken with milchwarm milk
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