सोमवार, 3 नवंबर 2008

Curcuma longa( Haridra)

Haridra is best anti allergic in ayurveda. many disorders such as allergic rhinitis, bronchial astham,various skin disease, Haridara is used as the main drug,

in allergic rhinitis: take equal quantity of haridra and mishri( sugar) and take one tsf thrice in a day with water,

in allergic skin diseases: take simple Haridara churana 2 gm with sarivadyasava;

haridara specially effective in those in which the mucus secretion is more ,

jiva ayurveda , a Clinic for chronic diseases
we treat infertility, heart diseases
arthritis, chronic cold( rhinitis)
Renal stones
and other chronic disoders such as pimples,headache etc