बुधवार, 31 दिसंबर 2008

Management of Vitiligo

jiva ayurveda , a Clinic for chronic diseases
we treat infertility, heart diseases
arthritis, chronic cold( rhinitis)
Renal stones
and other chronic disoders such as pimples,headache etc

vitiligo or leucoderma is chronic skin disease; i m mentionin only two type of medicines for the cure of the leucoderma in ayurveda

1 shjasilekha Vati: shudha parada 1 part , sudha gandhaka 1 part, Somanathi thamra bhasma 2 part, Bakuchi kwatha qs,

procudure: kajjali was prepared and somanathi tamara bhasama was added to it and properly triturated for one day by adding bakuchi kwatha ,This mixture was dried and to this gum was added for to make the 250 mg of tablets

2. Tuthaschothana:

ingredients: Tutha, Narakesha, Tila taila.

Procedure: a) purification of human hair-- first of all take 1 kg of sarjika khsara added to 8 liters of water then boiled and kept aside , Human hair was added to this solution and allowed to stay for 1 hour. It wasx then collectedf and dreid

b) prepration of oil--- A 5 liter chinaware vessel was slected . It was wrapped with 7 layers of cloths and multani mitti, Then 2 kg of dried and purified human hair , 100 ml of til taila,and 100 gm of tutha were filled in to the vessel, The mouth of the vessel was covered with iron mesh and fixed properly .

An Iron pan was taken and a small glass vessel of 500 ml.capacity was fixzed at the center of the pan using sand at bottom and bricks at the sides. A glass funnel was introduced into this glass vessel. The chinaware vessel was inverted over tis funnel and fixed. The iron pan was filled with cowdung cakes and ignited. The oil got collected in the small glass vessel. It was removed after cooling

How to take :

1) Shashilekha Vati-- for interal use 250 mg bd with 2 drops of bakuchi taila and half tsf of honey for 3 months

2) Tutha aschothana taila--- advised of external application on affacted area . the patients were asked to expose themselves to sunlight for half an hour early in the morning after applicatin of the oil.