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Management of Vitiligo

jiva ayurveda , a Clinic for chronic diseases
we treat infertility, heart diseases
arthritis, chronic cold( rhinitis)
Renal stones
and other chronic disoders such as pimples,headache etc

vitiligo or leucoderma is chronic skin disease; i m mentionin only two type of medicines for the cure of the leucoderma in ayurveda

1 shjasilekha Vati: shudha parada 1 part , sudha gandhaka 1 part, Somanathi thamra bhasma 2 part, Bakuchi kwatha qs,

procudure: kajjali was prepared and somanathi tamara bhasama was added to it and properly triturated for one day by adding bakuchi kwatha ,This mixture was dried and to this gum was added for to make the 250 mg of tablets

2. Tuthaschothana:

ingredients: Tutha, Narakesha, Tila taila.

Procedure: a) purification of human hair-- first of all take 1 kg of sarjika khsara added to 8 liters of water then boiled and kept aside , Human hair was added to this solution and allowed to stay for 1 hour. It wasx then collectedf and dreid

b) prepration of oil--- A 5 liter chinaware vessel was slected . It was wrapped with 7 layers of cloths and multani mitti, Then 2 kg of dried and purified human hair , 100 ml of til taila,and 100 gm of tutha were filled in to the vessel, The mouth of the vessel was covered with iron mesh and fixed properly .

An Iron pan was taken and a small glass vessel of 500 ml.capacity was fixzed at the center of the pan using sand at bottom and bricks at the sides. A glass funnel was introduced into this glass vessel. The chinaware vessel was inverted over tis funnel and fixed. The iron pan was filled with cowdung cakes and ignited. The oil got collected in the small glass vessel. It was removed after cooling

How to take :

1) Shashilekha Vati-- for interal use 250 mg bd with 2 drops of bakuchi taila and half tsf of honey for 3 months

2) Tutha aschothana taila--- advised of external application on affacted area . the patients were asked to expose themselves to sunlight for half an hour early in the morning after applicatin of the oil.

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Dronpuspi( vishama javara hara)

Datura ( savasa hara)

aswagandha ( rasayana drug in ayurveda)
jiva ayurveda , a Clinic for chronic diseases
we treat infertility, heart diseases
arthritis, chronic cold( rhinitis)
Renal stones
and other chronic disoders such as pimples,headache etc

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Curcuma longa( Haridra)

Haridra is best anti allergic in ayurveda. many disorders such as allergic rhinitis, bronchial astham,various skin disease, Haridara is used as the main drug,

in allergic rhinitis: take equal quantity of haridra and mishri( sugar) and take one tsf thrice in a day with water,

in allergic skin diseases: take simple Haridara churana 2 gm with sarivadyasava;

haridara specially effective in those in which the mucus secretion is more ,

jiva ayurveda , a Clinic for chronic diseases
we treat infertility, heart diseases
arthritis, chronic cold( rhinitis)
Renal stones
and other chronic disoders such as pimples,headache etc

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plants possessing antibiotic action

Acorus calamus( vacha) , 2 allium sativum (Rasona),3 Alliuym cepa( Palandu), 4Ananas comesus( Ananas), 5 Aloe barbadensis( KUmari) ,6Cassia tora( kasamarda), 7 Cassia aungistifolia( sanaya), 8Curcuma amada( haldi) , 9 Hydrocotyle asiatica( manduk parni), 10 Lepidium sativum ( chansuura) , 11 Plumbago zeylanica( Citraka), 12 Santalum album ( Rakta candana), 13 Violo odorata( Banapsa)

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suryavarata( headache due to sinusitis)

suryavarta ( Headache due to the sinus) main symptoms: patient feel progressing head ache front side; low in morning and high at noon , as like the rise and sat , head ache progress acc. to the sun.
treatment: use the sheet kashya kalpana ( him kalpana) of herb of mundi( spheranthus indicus) in the morning time with 250 mg of piper nigrum powder , empty stomch,
continue this for at least one week,
this will cure yur head ache

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water therapy

water plays key role in the health of human being .
some tips on taking water according to ayurveda
if u r fat and too healthy take hot water just before the food.
if u r weak and less weight take cold water just after the food.
if u a a good health then to maintain this , always take normal water in between the food

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आरोग्यवर्धनी वटी

आरोग्यवर्धनी वटी (र. र. स.) आयुर्वेद की एक चमत्कारी एवं असरकारी औषधी है। मैने इसको निम्नलिखित रोगों मे लाभदायक पाया है-
अग्निमांद्य: वज्रकक्षार के साथ मे प्रयोग किया जाता है;
ह्र्दय जन्य शोथ रोग मे: आरोग्यवर्ध्नी वटी को दशमूल क्वाथ और २ ग्राम अर्जुन चूर्ण के साथ :
लीवर के बड्ने पर: पूनर्नवाष्टक क्वाथ और रोहेडा की छाल के साथ।
पीलिया: अवरोधक पीलिया मे इस औषधी को मूली के रस और कुटकी चुर्ण के साथ दिन मे तीन बार लिया जाता है।
त्वचा विकारों मे: सभी त्वचा विकारों मे आरोग्यवर्धनी को महामन्जीष्ठादि क्वाथ के साथ दिया जाता है।
इसके अतिरिक्त इ़स योग को युक्ति पुर्वक विभिन्न रोगों मे प्रयोग किया जाता है:
चेतावनी: आयुर्वेदिक डाक्टर की सलाह से प्रयोग करें।
जीवा आयुर्वेद के लिये
डा. राणा

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Dementia: an ayurvedic approach

Dementia is of many types, they have a number of features in common. Alzheimer's disease is the most common cause of dementia in the elderly, with clinical signs of memory loss, in particular , for recent events. The available treatmetns for the congnitive symptoms of dementia are limited. Furthermore, patients with dementia display a broad range of congnitive impairment , behavioural symptoms and mood changes . As a result, they require an individualised and multimodal treatment plan.

In ayurveda depending on the roga prakriti , its site of origin and other sings and symptoms , a multimodal treatment can be planned .Dementia being an urdhwajatrugata vikara , nasya may be the therapy of choice. Moreover, dementia is the result of degenerative process of the brain. Generally it is said that nervous tissue can not be regenerated. Also , the role of free radicals in the aetiopathogenesis of dementia of Alzheimer's type is very much advocated.
Nasya consisting of Vacha(Acorus calamus), kustha(Saussurea lappa) and pippali( Piper longum)
and oral treatmet : medhya vati, and powder of rasayana drugs like amalki, kapikachu, shilajeet, etc,
very helpful in this disease

गुरुवार, 9 अक्तूबर 2008

guduchi(Tinospora cordifolia)

"corrects immunosuppression associated with deranged hepatic function"

Principle action: immuno potentiative

Active principle: Tinosporin, columbin

This herb has been used in traditional medicine since ancient times. Some of the nighantus have mentioned its efficacy in jaundice. Clinically this herb has been tried as a therapeutic modality in jaundice and is widely used as immunomodulator.


powder: 3 gm to 6 gm

dry extract:

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Bhumi Amalki( phyllanthus amarsu) best for hepatitis b

"proved anti viral drug in hepatitis B in human subjects"
principle action: Anti viral
active principle: phyllanthin, hypophyllanthin
Bhumalaki is effective in most liver disorders. It is shown to be a safe lipotropic drug with its primary action on the liver. The fresh juice used to treat viral hepatitis.
It appears to be the drug that treat hepatitis B in carriers and help in the control of the disease. The lignans phyllanthin and hypophyllanthin exhibit anti hepatotoxic activity in primary cultured rat hepatocytes.
Powder: 3 gm to 6 gm
Dry extract: 300 mg to 600 mg

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अर्श रोग (बावासीर)

अर्श रोग एक बड़ा ही भयानक रोग होता है , मुख्या रूप से यह दो प्रकार का होता है ,
आंतरिक अर्श और बाहरी अर्श , आंतरिक अर्श को रक्तज अर्श भी कहते है , तथा बाहरी अर्श को सुखी या बादी अर्श भी कहते है ,
इस रोग के कारण---१ सहज ( खानदानी) २ लगातार कब्ज के कारण ३ हाजमा ठीक न होने के कारण , लगातार दस्त लगने के कारण । लगातार बैठा रहने के कारण ,
मुक्य रूप से यही कारण होते है ।
निवारण :- रात को सोते समय कब्ज़ को ख़तम करने वाला चूरन जरुर ले उदारहण के लिए कलि हरडा और सोंठ और कला नमक इनको मात्रा अनुसार मिलकर रात को गुनगुने पानी के साथ प्रयोग कर सकते है , इसके अतिरिक्त बाज़ार में इसबगोल के चूर्ण मिलते है उनका भी प्रयोग किया जा सकता है ।
२ अभ्यारिस्ट २० एम् एल + २० एम् एल पानी मिला कर खाना खाने के बाद ;
३ अग्नि दीपन आहार विहार ;
४ रक्तज अर्श में कुताजरिस्ट भी का प्रयोग भी कर सकते है तथा अर्शोघ्नी वती का भी प्रयोग किया जा सकता है ।
विहार; जयादा समय एक जगह पर न बैठे रहे ,
पखाना करते समय जयादा जोर मत लगाये ;
जयादा तली हुई चीजे और मसालेदार खाना मत खाए
समाया पर खाना खाए ;
कृपया अधिक जानकारी के लिए नजदीक के आयुर्वेदिक डॉक्टर से सम्पर्क करे या मुझे सम्पर्क करे :
जीवा आयुर्वेद

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शरद कालीन अहार विहार

वर्शा कलीन श्जीत जिनके अन्गो को सात्म्य बन गया है: ऎसि पुरूशों में - सुर्य की किर्णों से सहसा ही गरम होने पर वर्शा में स्न्चित पिज्ज शरद काल मे कुपित हो जाता है. इस पित्त को शान्त करने के लिये,तिक्त घ्र्त का पान उत्तम है. बसन्त में कफ के लिये वमन ; वर्शा में वायु के लिये आस्थाअपोअन बस्ति; शरद में पित्तमो़अन करना चाहिए
यद्यपि पित्त के हरण के लिये विरेचन सर्वोत्तम उपाय है; त्थापि शन्ति के लिये एवं शरिर को स्निग्ध करने के लिये तिक्त घ्र्त का पान उत्तम है. ब्गसन्त में कफ के लिये वमन; वर्श में वायु के लिये आस्ताअपनबस्ति ; शरद में पित्त के लिये विरेचन उत्तम है

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जीवा आयुर्वेद. काल

जिसे काल कहते है, वह समस्त एश्व्य्र्य युक्त होता है,किसी से उत्पन्न हुआ नहिं है, आदि मऔर मरण उस काल ही के अधिन होता है. वह सूक्श्मध्य और अन्त रहितहै, रसों की व्यापप्तिऔर संपत्ति तथा प्राणियों वह सुक्श्म कला भर भी नही थहरता नही है.सर्व प्राणियों क संकलन करता है. इसलिये उसे काल ककते है.

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Jiva Ayurveda

FOOD satiates at different levels, one of wihichis emotional need.
There is plenty that can happen over a romantic stimulating seducing and relaxing dinner.
From inflaming passion to the blessing of love paving way to a lifeling relationship.
HONEY:Honey has been viewed as an aphrodisiac throughout history. Newly weds in ancient Europe mixed it with wone to boost their stamina.(hence the term honeymoon a month of honey)
ONION: Possessing aphrodisiac potential, it stimulates sexual appetite and arise sexual prowess. According to researchers, it is the amazing amount of selenium in foods of allium whic helps to set the mood balance in exciting dircttions.
BANANA: It is a triggering combination of fibre, sugar and serotonin, Glucose sugar of the carbohydreate family is a magic source of energy for also ensure higher levels of serotonin in the brain, which elevates the mood.
OYSTERS: These were regareed as aphrodisiacs even during the Roman Empire. Casanova ate 50 of them every morning with his lady love. A mysterrious delicacy famous for erotic qualities, oysters are rich in zinc, iodine and phosphorus, These ingredients increase both sperm and testrosterone production and the secretion of vaginal lubricant. So they may not look particularly appealing but they do work as well as an aphrodisiac.
VANILLA: The lncans and mayans wore vanilla during marriage rituals-- they believed its fragrance had magical posers to increase fertiltty . Sex guru Havelock Ellis discovered that workers at a vanilla processing plant were almost always in a near perennial state of sexual arousal and perhaps made the best bedmates ever.
JASMINE:It is known to be one of the most potent aphrodisiacs of all time. The perfume just like flowers it is made from , is strongest at night. That's why you have Indian brides not to mention the bed for the seddding night all bedeckedc in jasime "gajras"
jiva ayurveda
A clinic for chronic diseases

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Jiva Ayurveda( clinic for chronic disorders)

Love plants
Herbs are used as libido enhancers, fertility agents and aphrodisiacs for generations. Some of herbal drugs r mention here:
AMALAKA(emblica officinalis):Powder of amalaka impregnated with the juice of amalaka itself mixed with sugar, honey and ghee and should be taken followed by intake of milk, by this, even the old is stimulated like youngl.
2.GOKSURA(tribulus terrestris) this powder taken with milk at night acts as a good aphrodisiac.
3 KAPIKACCHU( mucuna pruriens)
wheat flour is minxed with the powder of kapikacchu seeds and cooked with milk , then it is mixed with hgee and eaten followed by the intake of milk
3MUSALI( asaragus adsecendens) Powder of musali root combined with guduci satva , kapikacchu gokusura sarkara and amalka and suspened in milk added with ghee should be taken , it arouses sexual urge.
4SATAVARI( aspargus racemosus) powder of satavari and uccata mixed with sugar should be tsaken with milchwarm milk
jiva ayurveda

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About us

Aastha ayurveda(Chronic Cure Through Ayurveda ) is a clinic for chronic diseases , located in haryana the holy land of Geeta and Mahabharata., In Kurukshetra
we have team of qualified ayurveda doctors .
We are giving this service since 2004.
Dr. D.P Singh (BAMS)
Dr. Sunita Rana (BAMS)
Contact: via Email. jiva_ayurveda@yahoo.com
Phone: +919468009591 (Working Hours only).
Direct --  Aastha Ayurveda 
           (Clinic for Chronic Diseases , Specially infertility )
       Village-- Rahra, TEH. Asandh ( karnal) Haryana  INDIA

गुरुवार, 25 सितंबर 2008

Ayurveda( the Indian system of traditional system of medicine) , effective in chronic diseases


(a specialised clinic for chronic diseases)

Hello , I m Dr Dharmpal Rana ,Ayurvedacharaya (BAMS),

Ayurvedic treatment [Chikitsa] does not mean suppressing the main symptoms and creating some new ones as side effects of the main treatment. It is to remove the root cause and give permanent relief.
There are four main classifications of management of disease in Ayurveda: shodan, or cleansing; shaman or palliation; rasayana, or rejuvenation; and satvajaya, or mental hygiene.
The treatment mainly comprises of powders, tablets, decoctions, medicated oils etc. prepared from natural herbs, plants and minerals. Because the medicines are from natural sources and not synthetic, they are accepted and assimilated in the body without creating any side effects and on the other hand, there may be some side benefits.

Charaka-Samhita is the best classical textbook of Indian Medicine and we follow therapeutic principles of Charaka-Samhita to provide purely traditional Ayurvedic therapy for the following diseases.
1. Diabetes.
2. Vat Vyadhis (All types of diseases related to Nervous System, joints and Pain-management).
3. Kustha (Related to all Skin disorders).
4. Hair and Beauty Problems.
5. Diseases of the digestive system including chronic dysentry, colitis.
6. Pratishyaya(cold), Kasa(cough) and other Respiratory Problems.
7. Sexual Problems.
8. Raktpitta (All types of Bleeding disorders and Blood born diseases.)
9. Oja Kshya (AIDS, Cancer and diseases of vital organs).
10. Gynecological Problems
11. Nija-swayathu (All types of indigenous oedema).
12. Manas-Roga (Diseases related to disturbed mind and depression).
13. We offer Pure Ayurvedic Therapy For High CHOLESTROL and High Blood Pressure.
14. Our Therapy normalise Serum cholestrol,LDL CHLESTROL,Triglysrides and Total Lipids.
A systemic Ayurvedic Massage and Steam bath Facility is also here for better Physical, Mental Fitness and virility.

Some Important therapeutic principles of Ayurveda: -
1. The Significance of Jathragni: -
1.The Life-SPAN, complexion (Related beauty), vitality; good health enthusiasm, plumpness, glow, vital-essence, luster, heat and life-breaths (praan) are derived from the thermo genetic process of jathragni. When this jathragni is extinguished man dies.
2.When a man is endued with Jathragni adequately, he lives long in good health.
3.When Jathragni is deranged man begins to ail. Majority of diseases are owing to abnormal jathragni.
4.The motto of Ayurvedic therapy is "Any how at any cost maintain Jathragni and increase level of oja."
A vaidya can treat all diseases if he has a great skill to keep Jathragni normal.
2. Useful Vitalization Therapy:-
1.Promotive of youth. 2.Preservative of longevity and health. 3.Increases physical, mental and sexual fitness. 4.Dispersive of torpor, somnolence, weakness. 5.Keeps balance of VATA, PITTA & KAPHA. 6.Curative of impurities in DHATUS. 7.Stimulative of JATHRAGNI. 8.Promotive of luster, complexion and voice. 9.Useful in CANCER, AIDS and other major killer disease. 10.Curative problems of HAIR & BEAUTY. 11.Improves quality of semen and increases level of oja.

Other Services:
1.Vaidic Sex Education: - Ancient Indian Sex education has solid and concrete principles to solve all types of sexual problem. The utility of vaidic sex education is also to generate healthy baby.
2.Medical Astrology: - The divine planets like The Sun, The Moon, The Mars, The Mercury, The Jupiter, The Venus,The Saturn, The Rahu and The Ketu have also an impact on our body systems and important events of life. Hence the utility of Medical Astrology also plays Vital role in the management of chronic diseases and major killer diseases.
3.Vastu Shastra: - All directions named The East, The West, The North, The South and others have also an impact on body's physiology. Therefore it is also important to know VastuShastra for long healthy life as well as more happiness.

Here we have a lady doctor(ayurvedacharaya) specialist in female infertility .