गुरुवार, 16 अक्तूबर 2008

Dementia: an ayurvedic approach

Dementia is of many types, they have a number of features in common. Alzheimer's disease is the most common cause of dementia in the elderly, with clinical signs of memory loss, in particular , for recent events. The available treatmetns for the congnitive symptoms of dementia are limited. Furthermore, patients with dementia display a broad range of congnitive impairment , behavioural symptoms and mood changes . As a result, they require an individualised and multimodal treatment plan.

In ayurveda depending on the roga prakriti , its site of origin and other sings and symptoms , a multimodal treatment can be planned .Dementia being an urdhwajatrugata vikara , nasya may be the therapy of choice. Moreover, dementia is the result of degenerative process of the brain. Generally it is said that nervous tissue can not be regenerated. Also , the role of free radicals in the aetiopathogenesis of dementia of Alzheimer's type is very much advocated.
Nasya consisting of Vacha(Acorus calamus), kustha(Saussurea lappa) and pippali( Piper longum)
and oral treatmet : medhya vati, and powder of rasayana drugs like amalki, kapikachu, shilajeet, etc,
very helpful in this disease

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