मंगलवार, 20 दिसंबर 2011

Cough with expectoration ,Adra Kasa,

Ardra - Kasa (Cough with expectoration)
Cough with expectoration is called as Ardra Kasa In Ayurveda.

Signs and symptoms-
Person in this disease has regular bouts of cough and expectorates thick phlegm in large quantity, his mouth remains coated with phlegm and feels lethargy, regular headache, loss of appetite and tries to remain in bed due to weakness.

Simple treatments-
1. Juice of Ardraka (Ginger) - 14 Ml. and equal quantity of Honey twice daily.
2. Warm water-3 parts and Honey- 1 part is to be taken twice daily.
3. Trikatu (Equal quantities of Sunthi- Dried ginger, Maricha-Black pepper and Pippali-Piper longum) - churana- 1 Gm. with equal parts of raw Sugar or Honey, twice daily.
4. Powdered Draksha (Raisin), Madhuyashthi (Glycyrrhiza glabra), Kharjura (Dates) and Maricha (Black pepper) in equal parts to be taken 2-3 Gms in every dose with 4-6 Gms of Honey, twice every day relieves symptoms well.
5. *Sitopaladi churna or *Talisadi churana – 2-3 Gms With 4-6 Gms Honey twice daily.
6. *Vyosadi vati, *Khadiradi vati or *Eladi vati – 1 vati (small tablet) to be kept in mouth and chewed, 4-6 times every day.
7. *Chyavanprasha-15-25 Gms. is to be taken, twice daily with warmed milk.

Pathya - Wheat, Beans, Sali (Rice), Draksha (Raisin), Amalaki (Emblica officinalis), Honey and warm water.

Apathya- Bilva (Bael), Brinjal, Karela (Bitter gourd), Red mustard, Oily and Spicy foods, Daytime sleeping, Anger, Sexual activity and Cold water.

*  Ayurvedic formulation  should be taken under supervision of qualified Ayurvedic Physician.