बुधवार, 8 अक्तूबर 2008

Bhumi Amalki( phyllanthus amarsu) best for hepatitis b

"proved anti viral drug in hepatitis B in human subjects"
principle action: Anti viral
active principle: phyllanthin, hypophyllanthin
Bhumalaki is effective in most liver disorders. It is shown to be a safe lipotropic drug with its primary action on the liver. The fresh juice used to treat viral hepatitis.
It appears to be the drug that treat hepatitis B in carriers and help in the control of the disease. The lignans phyllanthin and hypophyllanthin exhibit anti hepatotoxic activity in primary cultured rat hepatocytes.
Powder: 3 gm to 6 gm
Dry extract: 300 mg to 600 mg

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is it better to take fresh juice of leaves or
dry extracts?